Semi pro poker player takes on the big guns

Funky Thinker Eric Horn has developed Blastchat, a social messaging app that allows you to blast direct messages to your most important friends, customers, fans and others via push notifications. We have simplified the process of sharing real time information with the most important people in your life. In a marketplace full of distraction, we are saving you time by helping you:

1. Send information directly to the people who want to receive your information.

2. Have the information you care about the most delivered directly to your lock screen on your phone as opposed to searching for it on other platforms.

It's extremely easy to use. Create the message then press blast and a second later every recipient will receive a push notification with your message. You then will have 24 hours to chat with them individually.

Eric started hustling when he was 12. He has sold skittles on the playground that he bought in bulk from Costco. He has worked as a bike deliveryman, a car deliveryman, an emt-b, insurance salesman, enterprise IT salesman and semi-pro poker player.

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Watch the safety video below.

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