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Robert McGuinness – social media takes away people’s autonomy

Robert McGuiness
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It is odd - and a sign of the times maybe - that often people show up to be on the show and they have already figured out their own version of Funky Thinkers.

Robert McGuiness had an angle that people live in a certain culture meme. And we see that everywhere - in mass market TV, politics, the news.

It takes a certain type of person to break through or break out of that strait jacket. Funky Thinkers.

This episode uses the vehicle of the travel industry to discuss this.

In the 1970's when airfares became affordable - everyone in the UK went to Spain in the summer. (Or Portugal or Greece).

That became the cultural meme.

If there are any budding historians who listen to the show - we would be interested in having you on the show.

Robert thinks you guys are under rated.

There is a link to a show which was on BBC a while back where each episode featured the trials and tribulations of a family - who lived in a specific house in Liverpool.

Outside UK people may be unable to see it.

Plus - if you haven't seen it before - there is the link to the DHL advert virtually proving that nowhere on earth is inaccessible.

Robert also thinks that social media takes away people's autonomy. Never heard it described like that before. In that people are living their lives measuring against what other people like or do or think or buy.

Plus - forget all these apps that bring your food to you. At a time slot of their choosing. Next time I need some takeaway food - I am going to go to the shop - with cash - and buy it. You will have to listen to get the full story.

The twitter user interface cropped up for the first time.... Could do better.

Robert McGuiness

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