"When was the last time you had 20 minutes of laughter?"

ALL NEW presentation for community groups on the importance of JUST TALKING...

We noticed the conversation was dying

Unsocial media turns everything into an argument and everyone has an opinion on everything.

We have lost the art of talking...

Talking chatting jawing  chewing the fat gossiping  chit chating  what ever you call it.

No going back...

The days of policemen on bikes waving to children walking to school are GONE (and aren't coming back...)

So what to do?

How can we reinevnt ourselves, our families and our communities to take into account all this? I will tell you.

Library or defibrilator?

We visited over 100 red telephone boxes to find out what they are now doing to support the community and to keep the conversation going. We found libraries, defibrilators, local notice boards and stories of American tourists in the far north of Nottinghamshire...

We will tell you all...

How can we survive the internet?

What has happened to the internet for it to go from being the domain of men in brown suits with long hair and inappropriate beards to something which impacts every aspect of our lives today?

And how can funksters like us survive Instagram/Facebook/TikTok and all the language and culture they bring with them?

alexander stafford

We went looking for FUNK

We developed a game - called FunkQuest and have run 5 seasons as an online show. (The rest of the world calls these podcasts).

It must be good because we got our local MP to play... Plus the world memory champion (yes really!), paralympic athletes and normal people doing FUNKY things.

We will host a private edition of FunkQuest for your group. (And crown your Grand Champion Funkster...)

Head Funkster

Jonathan Senior

Jonathan Senior accidentally became a management consultant. (Then he had to learn how to spell it...).

Whilst looking for professional speaker consulting clients, he stumbled on the one secret, as old as the earth that binds us all together.

Just talking.

While not getting the FUNK out, he can be found down at the swimming pool, out on his bike or at the running track as he has been a triathlete since 1996.

Pay my petrol for the event and donate what you think it is worth to a local FUNKY charity...
(Make sure your treasurer has a big cheque book though...)

Anything complicated required?

No, we are entirely self sufficient with projector, screen and high quality powerpoint slides.

We will fill you in...

What chocolate biscuit does our local MP prefer? (Find me a political journalist who can tell you that...) Why are North American tourists flocking round a British icon like flies round honey?

Crown your champion...

We finish off by playing FunkQuest (no experience required - explaining the rules will take 30 seconds). Finally, we will crown the Grand Champion Funkster for your group.

How far?
We travel to a 1 hour radius of the Sheffield/Rotherham metropolis or deliver via zoom/online using this interweb thing.


Hit the start button to get the conversation started...