Reza Rezz-Why would you want someones elbow in your throat?

reza rezz

Reza Rezz - Lives in the largest pine forest in the world.

The answer (to the question) is that people talk about "getting out of the comfort zone" but it is a phrase that is worn out. It means nothing...

Until of course, you have some random guy or gal invading your personal space on an industrial scale.

Reza Rezz talks about the gamification of life. His own. Everyone gets 86400 seconds in a day. Imagine if that was money, and any that wasn't spent had to be given back the next day.

After this call, I did find myself trying to empty the dishwasher in the 30 seconds it took for the microwave to beep.

On a practical scale, the discussion about the endless scrolling nature of social media is a very smart observance. You should listen to the episode just for that.

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reza rezz

Reza is there - honest. If you look closely, you can see his head.