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​The Game to start your next session.  Engaging.  

Fun and Best of All Interactive

​​FunkQuest is so subtle it WORKS!

Games are at best corny, irrelevant and leave you with nothing but wasted time.
FQY is both a remote or onsite interactive session that has proven to get people talking.
Empowering ​because players get to choose their own questions - but controlled because they are thought-provoking as they don't know what they are...
Proven effective in the consumer sphere, we know that FQY will become a part of every group session you choose to run.
To make sure it does not get stale your subscription will secure access to a new FQY board with fresh new questions and​ graphics.  Unlimited use in your location to use as often as you want - for team meetings, ice breakers, whatever.

FunkQuest board

​Want to learn more, just spend a minute with this:

"​The twenty minute conversation that will have you talking all week..."

​You will get access to one FQY playing board immediately. Use this as often as you want. 

Every month you will get access to a new fresh board with a new set of questions.

FQY is just £​97 per month for one named person to access (as admin) .

Unlimited use - unlimited users - play FunkQuest yourself as often as you want.

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​Your questions

​Q. Do we need super fast internet or fibre?

A. No - FunkQuest is not reliant on a large amount of bandwidth. Your web connection should be stable though...

Q. How do we access FQY?

A. Access is via managed members area. Login anywhere you can get a web connection. A phone, tablet, smart TV, even a traditional PC will run it. Remember - It is not about the technology, it is about the CONVERSATION.

Q. Can you design a custom FunkQuest game board for our team to use?

A. Yes - sure but there will be a development cost. Remember though - the pictures are just a way to start the conversation. They have little impact on gameplay.