Phil DeLuca - The problem is that this person has purple hair...

Phil De Luca
Phil DeLuca

Phil DeLuca

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Phil DeLuca is a relationship coach.

The internet and all the changes in behaviour that it has brought has made his job much more difficult over the last few years.

We talked about, amongst other things, Crocodile brain syndrome. (Watch for it - it's everywhere).

Staying sane by turning off the TV cropped up again.

Phil can be contacted via

We might be accused of discriminating against people with purple hair.

I know a few people with purple (and sometimes other) coloured hair.

I don't know anyone in a position of power or authority with purple hair..

If you are such a person - please contact me - I would love to have you on the show.

We talk about the crocodile brain - and remembering that this is the 21st century - not the 1970's. (Purple hair aside).

Mo from The three stooges crops up, The good life crops up - clip below.

(The good life is a 1970's British sitcom) - synopsis below.

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Pushed for time? Watch the snippet below>>>

the good life

In this clip from The good life - Tom and Barbara have made some very strong home made wine.

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