Paul Maskill – What is the “Uberisation of everything” ?

What is the "Uberisation of everything" ?

Paul Maskill
Paul Maskill

- North Carolina

Paul Maskill is a business development coach specialising in local services.

Which is kind of interesting - thinking that pretty soon, there will be NO LIMIT on what Amazon can put in a box and ship to you. Or as we discussed, the "Uberisation of everything". Want someone to cut your grass - just get on the app and a local trademan will come along withing 30 minutes and do it for you. It could be that he lives in the next street - you just didn't know he cut grass. Thanks to the internet - now you do.

Paul writes in a journal in the morning and we talked about focusing on how far we have come rather than the few people who are infront of us.

Paul would go back to the time of Henry Ford (any descendants of Henry Ford - we would love to have you on the show).

Astonishingly, well maybe not so - this is after all - Paul is quite happy with his lot in life and would use his magic wand to get rid of the darn pollen round where he lives.

Paul is reading "The pursuit of time and money" by Dr Sharon Spano.

The oddest place Paul has been is backpacking round South America - realising he is the only North American there.

When the rest of the people he meets are British, French, Australian he finds it curious that most other spend two weeks going to a resort location sat on a sunbed, drinking coke, eating pizza and get fat and sunburnt.

(They are the normalites)

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