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Otakara Klettke – A REAL AUTHOR

Otakara Klettke
Otakara Klettke

Otakara Klettke

Contact via https://otakaraklettke.com/

When people say they are an "author" - what they really mean is that they have written the minimal viable book possible to promote their speaking business or their consulting business.

The book is really what would happen if you hired them as a consultant or a coach.

It is their view of the world.

 Otakara Klettke is a REAL AUTHOR.

That is - she has written fiction AND NON FICTION books.

We discuss illustrations for children's books.

Harder than you think because the picture must appeal to the child (it must look fun), it must appeal to the mum & dad (it must look safe) and to the person buying the book - (the Grandma & Grandad).

We talk about activities where people chase a ball round, Socrates - never talked to women apparently.

Catherine Zeta Jones would play Otakara Klettke in a film.

​Books by Otakra Kletkke are below

The case of missing max
the case of false blame otakara klettke
Hear your body whisper Otakara Klettke
Holiday hilarity - Jeffrey Gurian & Otakara Klettke
Otakara Klettke
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