No sport – what to do? Talk about sport instead…

​These are difficult times for . With no gate money​ or corporate hospitality, marketing and fund raising managers have to come up with innovative solutions just to keep their clubs afloat.

​There are limited variations of 10% off everything at the club shop. Discount on local shops and services have limited appeal (most of ​them are shut now anyway).

What you want is something that makes you money but takes up none of your resources.

sports also works for any type of sports club, schools, scouts, brownies etc etc etc

​FQY Sports edition is that missing link.

fqy sports edition screen shot

Let's face it - the world revolves around sport. Talking about it comes a close second. And in local communities, sport is part of the fabric of the society.

FQY sports edition is a discussion and talking game accessed online. There is nothing to download.  Access is instant and play takes places anywhere. In person - or using face-to-face or via tools like skype. We take care of all the customer support. 

FQY Sports edition is £9.95 for unlimited use. We can make a £3 donation to your club for every copy sold.  

We can set you up with unique trackable links to share around your social media as well as pre-written email copy to just paste and send.

​FQY (different questions) is used by corporate sales & HR teams pay £97 per month to use as an icebreaker for team meetings, so the format is proven. FQY is a game for 3-6 players (unlimited numbers can watch and vote for the winner).

FQY sports edition

​If you are a marketing manager or work in fundraising for a sports club, ​hit the get started button below.

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