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Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Nathen Aswell - Musician & speaker

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Nathen Aswell is a recording artist and speaker.

We discussed the difference between affirmations and intentions. Clue - one is just a wish list.

What is the emotional freedom technique?

Nathen explains it in language that even I can understand.

How to deal with difficult people ?

The only thing you can do (really) is to concentrate on yourself. Watch the Funky extract below.

We also discuss The Police - the group - not the law. Sting is the person Nathen would most like to be stuck in a lift (or elevator) with.

Not only to talk about his musical career - but how they bootstrapped the whole first album - probably before the word bootstrapping had ever been invented.

If you have never seen or heard of The Police - there is a video at the video at the very bottom of this page.

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Here is a clip of Nathen's favourite band. With probably one of the best introductions of the 1980's - if not of all time.


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