WHY is THIS a surprise ? - Melody Spencer

Melody Spencer
Melody Spencer

Melody Spencer

Melody Spencer is a Digital marketing and Facebook ads strategist.

Finally, I found someone who agrees with me on the Facebook data "scandal" of the last few months. 

"Why is it a shock?"

I mean why - when you hand over all manner of personal data - quite often - people tell things to the internet - that they don't even tell their spouse or significant other.

Why then, is it a shock to discover that you are targeted with hyper relevant ads?

I thought it was just me.

Plus - I have also observed that many mobile websites are now unusable - thanks to GDPR compliance notices AND pop ups.


We talked about being radically honest - or being a people pleaser.

Melody would go back to 1960's America, 1930's & 1940's America. All times of significant social upheaval.

Come to think of it - when WAS there a time when there was no social upheaval?

Maybe that would be an interesting time to go back to?

Contact Melody via www.swiftlysocial.com

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