Automated happy messages? And David Ortiz' greatest ever hit?

Matt Ward
Matt Ward

Matt Ward - Massive Boston Red Sox fan

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Matt Ward is a keynote speaker on referrals and referral marketing.

As I was writing these notes, it was hammered home to me how nuanced this is. And most people talk "social" and "referrals" when what they are actually doing is automated happy messages.

I had seen that someone (not Matt) has written a book about referrals so I was interested in having her on the show.

I sent a LinkedIn connection request and got an (obvious bot) reply with some thing along the lines of 

"Sorry for the delay in replying" (it had been 5 minutes) "

I been busy writing, I am so stressed - Blah de blah boring boring- buy my book. 

PS recommend it to your buddies also.


How is an automated response with a requirement to buy a book social?

I NEVER DID get a response to my invitation to give her decibels. Offer withdrawn anyways.

Seems to me that the only people who are allowed to sell on social media ARE THE ONES SELLING social media training.

</rant> But I digress.

On this call we talked about Milton Hershey - an original funky thinker, David Ortiz (below) and zero calorie chocolate.

The 'R' word crops up AGAIN - respectfullness.

Listen to this interview and work out who is selling what and to who?

THAT'S what you want in a referral partner right?

That funky thinkers.

David Ortiz's most famous hit is below.

The episode is below that.

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