Maggie Georgopolous - Up the ladder in a skirt

Maggie Georgopolous
Maggie Georgopoulos

Maggie Georgopolous

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How far is it from Australia to Scotland?

​It's a long way.

What is it like to swim in open water in Scotland? We talk about this.

We also talk about what the impact of Prince William and Prince Harry talking about mental health.

We talk about local councils collecting data for the sake of collecting data - and maybe - just maybe to stick posters up on the wall saying

"We support your mental health" 

We talked about burnout in the fitness industry.

Maggie's most unusual place she has visited is Libya and Iraq (Erbil) and the difference between ancient ruins there and ancient ruins in places that are more built up - like Greece and Rome.

Remember though - don't try this at home kids - they probably aren't the safest places to go...

​Up the ladder in a skirt - Maggie Georgopoulos

​Are you worried that as a woman, you lack full control over your career, or struggle with whom to turn to for support in your leadership journey? You may feel forced to make compromising life choices to advance your career—ones that your male counterparts do not.

Women can thrive in business and reach the top of the leadership ladder, though it often doesn’t appear that way, as few seem to make it there.

Today’s business climate is filled with opportunities for women to climb just as high and be just as successful, though recognizing these opportunities can be challenging. Women can thrive in male dominated fields and can help to make businesses even more successful with their own brand of leadership.

up the ladder in a skirt
Maggie Georgopolous

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