Lucinda Bakken White - Bought the American dream - Got a refund...

 Lucinda Bakken White
Lucinda Bakken White

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Lucinda Bakken White bought the American dream. One of external validation of accomplishments and decided to get a refund.

We now know this as the trauma of conspicuous consumption.

That is - buying stuff to impress other people (remember - social media didn't exist in the 1980's).

We now know (or at least the show does after carrying out over 100 duologue episodes that the trauma of conspicuous consumption is a short term fix - doomed to end in unhappyness, guilt, rage, debt and/or all of the above.

Botswana cropped up for the first time - as did the Kalahari desert. Plus - next time you are out - use ALL your five senses...

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