#FunkyThinkers - Lisa Vandiver

Lisa Vandiver
lisa vandiver

Lisa Vandiver - Author - Tupelo - Mississippi

Lisa has been working on a series (fiction) for SEVEN years - and is coming towards the end of it.

Quite obviously, there will be a sister series starting soon.

Lisa has worked in a Russian women's prison and an orphanage and we talked about the everyday needs of people, which are - the same as ours.

With a magic wand - Lisa would build a massive ranch and invite orphans to come and live in it. Together with summer camps and visits by star athletes and entertainers. I can't help but think of the health and safety hassle this would cause but we can dream.

Lisa would go to some medieval period in history. She said Scotland but I suggested Conisborough castle. (Pictured).

She plays video games (probably the only person I have come accross over the age of 15 that plays minecraft) and goes geocaching. If you haven't tried geocaching, it's a great way to waste a bit of time with family and friends in the fresh air.

Julia Roberts would play Lisa in a film

Her three tips are stop judging other people, love other people and much to my delight. Have fun.

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