Very entrepreneurial to meet this need.

Laura Aiello
Laura Aiello

Laura Aiello

Laura Aiello is a divorce strategist. I never realised there was such a job, but obviously there is a need and it's very entrepreneurial to meet that need.

Laura is in the middle of a video series on LinkedIn. You can connect with here on this link.

We talked about isolation and loneliness.

The UK now has a minister for loneliness. (Actually it is technically - I think - part of communities, families and schools but it highlights an increasing problem even in these days of hyper connectedness).

Laura would get clean safe water for the world with her magic wand. In Maslow's hiearchy of need - that is right at the bottom. You can forget fulfilment and self awareness if you are risking death by drinking tap water...

Laura would go back to somewhere between the two world wars if she had a time machine.

A "Meg Ryan type person" would play Laura in a film

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