Kirsty Salisbury - What if you dislike ALL popular culture?

Kirsty Salisbury
Kirsty Salisbury

​                Kirsty Salisbury

What if you live in a place where the pressure to do something or be something or like something is particularly crushing?

You NEED to be a Funky Thinker just to get through life...

Kirsty Salisbury lives in NZ and dislikes both Rugby and The Hobbit. ​

How to survive this?

How to swim against the tide of common popular culture?

Things that EVERYONE ELSE is talking about.

This can be seriously hard word - just to get through life.

Kirsty has some tips.

We also talk about driverless cars, biblical times, The holocaust and more.

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​Kirsty Salisbury - A life by design

​At just 12 years of age, Kirsty Salisbury experienced a rare brain malformation that would change her life dramatically. Emergency surgery took her on a Near Death Experience (NDE), and left her paralysed down her left side, with a myriad of questions about her life and what her future would look like.

Far from letting her circumstances define her, Kirsty tackled some hard questions about life and proved that regardless of circumstances, designing a life you really want is possible using some simple principles and creative processes.

Kirsty Salisbury - A life by design

​Kirsty Salisbury - Let's talk life design

Kirsty Salisbury - Let's talk life design


Based on the Podcast Show ‘Let’s Talk Life Design’, this book explores the personal stories of FIVE individuals following their experience of surviving major crisis. These experiences not only teach us how we can grow and move on from hardship, but how we all have the ability to design something positive out of our tough times.

Join Kirsty as she chats to the following amazing people with incredible stories and practical strategies to designing a life filled with purpose:

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