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Kate Gruver - Funky advice for the ultimate internet detox

Kathy Gruver

Kathy Gruver - Contact via http://kathygruver.com/

Do people need motivating? Why would you go and listen to a motivational speaker? If your life is all about your business and your family is relying on you - surely that's all the motivation you need?

What is Kathy Gruver's tip to really detox from social media?

Most people (normalites) would answer that they need some kind of app or software or gadget or thing.

Kathy's funky answer is to be your own parent.

That's it - simple as that.

Meryl Streep would play Kathy in a film.

Lambrini girls crop up for the first time.

Lambrini is (or was - it's probably illegal now) very cheap wine that has probably never seen a vineyard.

Generally speaking - and I am not a wine snob - if a bottle of wine has a screw top - I would avoid it.

A lambrini girl is a term for women and girls who drink a lot of Lambrini with obvious consequences. 

The pyramids of Egypt make a recurring appearance.

Kathy Gruver tatto100

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