Need a national anthem singer? Look no further...

Jill Smith
Jill Smiths

Jill Smith - Phoenix, Arizona

In this episode, we talked about old approaches to new problems - collecting money from people who don't want to pay it.

Jill would go back to the American Revolution and declaration of Independence time in her time machine.

Some kind of Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansen "nerdy FBI type" would play Jill in a film.

But here is the biggie. Jill has always wanted to sing the national anthem at the start of a sports game. (Sport irrelevant).

So we figured that we would give potential talent scouts something to look at and listen to. In a moment of insanity, Jill agreed to doing a rendition, which is below. Enjoy.

You can follow Jill on LinkedIn with #becausejillsaidso

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