Jennifer Gardner-Fed up with social media

Jennifer Gardner
jennifer gardner

Jennifer Gardner

Jennifer Gardner is fed up with social media.

I am pretty sure that there are many people like Jennifer. 

It is "uncool" to say so.

When everyone else is having such a good time, living such perfect lives.

It's hard to admit - to go against the tide.

To think Funky.

Maybe that's you.

Maybe you will get an insight into the real non airbrushed, selfie ready, instagram following world.

Jennifer says that she detoxes by just sitting out on her back porch starring at the sky, listening and looking at the wildlife.

When was the last time you did this? (Without holding a pod or a pad or a mobile device).

You should try it. 

Start though, by listening to the duologue below.

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  • The bad thing about making connections online is that the written word doesn’t allow for inflections or tones. The other person might misunderstand your true meaning. Emoticons can only go so far! (Yet, thank goodness we have them to help us indicate our expressions!)

    I would prefer to meet in person, too. Social media has its place, but it’s tough to make connections you can FEEL!

    • Hi Lorraine and we have discussed this at reasonable length in the duologues.

      As I have pointed out – even the word “Thanks” can be misconstrued online.

      How can we FEEL online connections? Suggestions?

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