Is real conversation a dying art or been dead for years? – Funky Thinkers

Is real conversation a dying art or been dead for years?

Is the question we will be asking on Funky Thinkers live. 9th July 2018. 11am EST/4pm BST/UK

What am I missing?

Fast always on internet is everywhere.

Everyone is either staring at a phone, a pod or a pad, or has one surgically attached to their ears.

What to do?

What are the implications for business owners trying to get a product to market. ?

What are the implications for parents? For teachers?

To get people's attention long enough to have a meaningful conversation.

I have gathered three of my elite funky thinkers to discuss the issues. You can join in. Ask questions - get answers.

I promise, no boring powerpoint, no sales, no hype, no BS.

Just thought provoking interactions delivering a lifetime of insight.

Your panel

funky thinkers

Michael Sherlock - Author, speaker, podcast host.

divya parekh

Divya Parekh - Author, Speaker, coach.

Otakara Klettke

Otakara Klettke - Multiple Author (Fiction & non fiction)


Jonathan Senior - When not Head Funkstering, Jonathan can either be found swimming, cycling or running. He is a 20+ year triathlete, represented GB at age group level and 3 x Ironman finisher.