Private page just for people who have been on the show and invited friends.

We are looking to develop a card game version of FunkQuest, based on this working prototype. Click each icon to show a close up.

We are using the kickstarter platform (Like Dragon's den/Shark Tank) but without the dragons/sharks). Ultimately, backers will "back" us to produce a boxed game. The economics are this are BIG and we will need a LOT to get THIS FUNK OUT.

TOO Long: Didn't read
1. We want to produce a card game that promotes old style talking.
2. You help us get the word out by sharing our stuff.
3. Assuming we meet the target, we will send you a parcel full of FUNKY stuff through the post..

Note - Kickstarter is an ALL OR NOTHING so we MUST meet the target for us to be able to send you the following goodies (through the post). 

A bundle of get out of chores and jobs card.

No one like to do the washing up or take the bins. Get your family to do all that junk using these actual cards. You are the FUNKSTER here... Example below gets you out of doing one of the most hated chores.

A pack of playing cards

You know cards, jack of Spades, Ace of Diamonds etc.

Each one will be decorated with quotes and interesting things that have come up on the show.  You get a pack of cards to play card games...

If you have been on the show, we will be in touch with what card you would prefer to be.

An emergency birthday card

Everyone loves birthday cards.

Have one on us to have ready in case you forget. (Note a real card not one with stupid or rude words on).

Start your own economy with Bank of Funk Points.

You get a bundle of assorted notes, enough to buy everything from an icecream to a tesla car. (At participating vendors only).

Beer and pizza celebration

If you live near us - we will invite you for beer and pizza at a local FUNKY venue. (Looking at you, boats on the Chesterfield Canal or the windmill at North Leverton).

If you don't live near us, we can meet up on zoom and we can party like it is 2020.

A years supply of FUNK

A years supply of the online game (12 boards) plus the starter pack if you haven't already got that.

Play online with your friends and family or even clients. Whoever you want to impress (or bore).

This will never time out and you will never get nagging emails asking for money.

If you can't have fun(k) with this lot then you probably aren't FUNKY...

Your part of the deal is to share our content with your friends as you usually would. Starting with this video below. (Don't worry, we know people hate sales stuff, that's why we have gone deliberately tongue in cheek...).

Don't share this page though. This is for invited funksters only.

To be in, make sure I have a current email for you. For each piece of pre-launch content, you will get a unique link sent via how we usually communicate. (Email, messenger, whatsapp, whatever). Plus the funkster with the most clicks will get an additional mystery FUNKY prize.