Sasha Lagnonh
Sasha Laghonh

Sasha Laghonh -

Sasha Laghonh has played tennis with five people at the same time. Yes really. Well verbally anyways.

One thing that is pretty unique to funky thinkers - or at least people tell me it is - is that each episode is a conversation.

OK - each speaker gets the opportunity to see the questions in advance. Curiously some don't take up this option. Can you tell when you are listening?

But imagine going into a room with FIVE people - all prepared to ask you the most awkward difficult and tricky questions.

That what Sasha did. And loved it. 

Maybe I need to up my game? Maybe I am too soft...

We discussed online "fake" news and the mesmeric hold it has over people. (Driven by social media).

Sasha would go back to work in the White House - in the Kennedy era. Cool or what?

Vanessa Carlton or Catherine Zeta Jones would play Sasha in a film.

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