Welcome to FunkQuest! Here you will find simple instructions on how to set up and play the game. (or just watch the quick start guide).

Prefer to read instructions? They are below

Logging In

1. Open Funkythinkers.com and click Your Funkster HQ.

2. Input your username and password.

3. You should arrive at the Fragments board. Here you will find all of the FunkQuest boards you own.

Setting up FunkQuest

A) FunkQuest needs two to four players, plus one Game Host (Head Funkster), and can have unlimited neutral spectators. Only one device is needed to play FunkQuest; it can be played on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, or Smart TV. We recommend playing it on a laptop or desktop computer.

B) If one or more of the players is connecting via video calling, the host can screen-share the board so all players can see. For instructions on how to screen-share on various video-calling apps, click here:

C) Select a board from the Fragments Menu. “Edition” icons have questions related to a specific topic, while “Board” icons are more general.

D) You can now start playing FunkQuest!

FQY Music edition

Playing FunkQuest

1. Decide who is playing first. Here at FunkyThinkers HQ, we usually start with the youngest player and finish with the oldest player.

2.The player who’s turn it is should pick one of the four images on the top row of the board. The game host should then click on that image. 

3.The board will then reveal a question, which the player then has one minute to answer with the most out-of-the-box funkiest answer they can think of. Try to be a truthful as possible...but it doesn’t hurt to exaggerate a little from time to time. 😉

4. The other players should keep talking to a minimum while the player answers. 

5. When the time is up, click anywhere on the image to return to the game board.

6. The next player must then choose any of the remaining icons on the row and repeat steps 2 to 5 until all players have had their turn. Then repeat with the next row, and so on until all players have answered at least one question from every row of the board.

7. Click “Finish”. The Host and any non-playing spectators must then vote on who had the funkiest answers; who had the funniest, most interesting, or out-of-the-box response? The winner is the player with the most votes.

8. Click “Play Again” to play the same board, or “back to funk HQ” to pick another board.

Still Confused?

Why not watch an episode of the FunkQuest Gameshow to help you get the hang of things? Hosted by our Head Funkster Jonathan.


Technical trouble?

Submit a ticket to our helpdesk: