Welcome to FQY. Here you will find simple instructions on how to set up and play the game. (or just watch the quick start guide).

A) FQY needs two to four players, plus one Host (Head Funkster). You can have unlimited nonp laying spectators. Only one device is needed to play FQY. We recommend playing on a laptop or desktop computer.

B) If one or more of the players is connecting via video calling, the host can screen-share the board so all players can see. For instructions on how to screen-share on various video-calling apps, click here:

C) Select a board from the Fragments Menu. “Edition” icons have questions related to a specific topic, while “Board” icons are more general.

D) You can now start playing FQY!

1. Decide who picks an image on row one. Usually the youngest funkster goes first.

2.The Head Funkster then clicks on that image.

3.The image reveals a question, which the funkster has one minute to answer. The answer can be truthful, out of the box funky, a helpful tip/incite or story - exaggerated or otherwise.

4. The other players should listen well, as they get to vote for the funkster with the best answers at the end of the game

5. When the minute is up, click anywhere to return to the image board.

6. The next funkster chooses an image on the row. When all images and questions have been used move to the next row and so on until all funksters have answered at least one question from every row of the board.

7. Click “Finish”. The Host, the funksters and any non-playing spectators then vote on who gave the funkiest answers.
The winner is the player with the most votes.

These rules are not set in stone and you can adapt how you play FQY as suits you?