​How to get business from LinkedIn is something that everyone else seems to be telling you.
If you aren't getting 50-100 hot leads everyday from LinkedIn you must be doing something wrong...
At least that's what the LinkedIn gurus are telling me...
Plus they seem to have endless books and bootcamps and webinars and social media shortcuts and systems.
And because I can't consume all this - I feel I am missing out.
The problem is they are telling me how to get leads on LinkedIn. Not showing me.
What they are doing is sending me unsolicited emails telling me how good their LinkedIn coaching services are.

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Anyone know a LinkedIn guru who actually gets clients from LinkedIn rather than sending #spam emails​ ? Please send them to @jonsenior1

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They are telling me how to crush it...
Think about that for a second. A multi million dollar business, owned by Microsoft, the guys with more money than anyone.
And you are going to crush it? Little old you.
Get to it cowboy (or girl) I will bring the popcorn.

​​All the gurus who talk about how to build relationships are the ones who seem to be sending emails.

​And that's a problem.
Let's jump to an industry far away from the social media bubble and say you were looking for a fitness coach. You would want some guy or gal with muscles coming out of their nose. Someone who obviously practices what they preach. Right?
Let me ask you another typical question.

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​What's the best way to use LinkedIn for lead generation?

The question is flawed.
If you had a successful business - you would be running it right? Instead of hanging around on LinkedIn?

​The problem with networking platforms like LinkedIn is that they are populated by sellers.
Everyone is wanting to pimp their wares.
No one is wanting to buy.

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