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Joel Wolh - Just ship everything in...

Joel Wolh
Joel Wolh

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Joel pointed out that everything is newer in the US versus the UK.

New Jersey vs Jersey, New England vs England.

You get the idea.

Initially I asked Joel his views on LinkedIn videos - for it is this which first brought him onto my radar.

You can watch the insight video below to get a taster.

Children grew up much simpler way back when.

You didn't have to call ahead to make sure that someone was free - you just took a ball or a bat and went round.

If Joel was stranded on a desert island, he would just do what the DHL advert does and get everything brought in. The ad is below.

Easy - forget all this survival nonsense. Maybe that is the real takeaway of the question - that no where in the world is uncontactable nowadays.

George Clooney or Brad Pitt would play Joel in a film. The George Clooney advert I refer to is below.

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