FunkQuest - Funky Thinkers


​Funkquest is an interactive conversation show. ​Potential FUNKSTERS get to pick their own questions. They just don't know what they are...

What are the FUNKQUEST rules?

Each ​Funkquest episode​ features five rounds. ​Players must select an icon from the board (show below). Each icon ​reveals a question - which could be related to the icon chosen. (Or could ​be completely different). Points are awarded for FUNKY answers. Points are REDUCED for normalite answers. ​Funkquest shows are avilable on YouTube and ​as a podcast. (Subscribe buttons are below).

Blank FUNKQUEST board

​Watch the latest FUNKQUEST episodes below

Heather Vickery – HOW MANY TV channels?

Gabrielle Hartley – The divorce attorney closer…

Cathy Weiss – World champion – swimming pool karate

Michael Barnes – Cincinnati Hacking Homelessness.

Ben Reuter – Face to face conversations will stand the test of time.

Isabel Firecracker – Procrastination and Funky Thinkers.

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