Do you remember a time when you used to talk to all your family? (teenagers included...)

(Instead of using messenger or text or email or whatsapp or snapchat)

Well now you can...

  • Talk

  • Giggle

  • Laugh

  • (Maybe even snort)

Try it for FREE..

Funky Thinkers

There are THREE steps to be the envy of all your workmates, neighbours and wider family by having REAL CONVERSATIONS instead of plastic ones.

Step 1 - Get an FQY board (hit the big pink get the big pink "Get the FUNK OUT button" below.

Step 2. - Get your friends and family together. (In the same room or virtual, it doesn't matter).

Step 3. - Get some pizza in and ready for some good times...

PS - It is SO FUNKY, we even got our MP to play...

alexander stafford

Ages 9-109, play live or online (or a combination) we recommend 2 x semi finals and a final, takes about 60-90 minutes. Ultimately, you will crown someone the "Grand Champion Funkster" of your family. Your free trial gets you 1 x board for 7 days. No credit card required and we won't bombard you with emails for ever.