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Frances Robbins - Top gun teacher

Frances Robbins
Frances Robbins

Frances Robbins

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The Frances Robbins interview was one of the first with the new set of questions.

If you have listened to many episodes, you know that I do put some effort into the questions.

They are designed to be, on the face of it, quite flippant. But on further inspection, more and more thought provoking.

Of course, being ex-military - Frances Robbins knew exactly what to take if she was marooned on a desert island.

And just rattled them off quick style.

(If you want to know - you will need to listen to the whole episode).

We also discussed what it is like to try to persuade young top gun style men to stop drinking when she was old enough to be their mother.

Other stuff that cropped up - obstacles, ex-military culture and more.

Frances Robbins
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Jonathan Senior - When not Head Funkstering, Jonathan can either be found swimming, cycling or running. He is a 20+ year triathlete, represented GB at age group level and 3 x Ironman finisher.

  • Aaron says:

    Great point. Obstacles are meant to help build you up!

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