Who is the FUNKIEST music fan in your family?

Find out with FQY music edition

We know what it's like.
Everyone in your house has a view on their favourite music...
But the trouble is that you have probably heard Uncle Tony complaining that all ''New'' Music is rubbish nowadays.
FunkQuest music edition gets you talking... about music... 

BUT - FQY Music edition has TWO crucial twists:

Firstly - Playing with a strict time limit, Funksters have a limit of ONE MINUTE to answer. (This will stop Uncle Tony droning on at least).

Secondly - Just like in music - you never know what song will catch your ears. Although you pick your own questions - you don't know what they are...

The champion FUNKSTER is the music fan who can think on their feet the quickest...

With questions on your first live gig, live music in the age of YouTube and more... FQY Music will get you talking.

Play in your front room, play against your buddies anywhere in the world (just screen share), anywhere you can get a web connection.

And just like in life, someone will win and be crowned champion Funkster and someone will lose.

So get the family round and get the Funk out with FQY music edition.

FQY Music

FQY is the online game you play in your living room. 

(Or with friends via skype/zoom ​)...

FQY Music edition is just £9.95 (play as often as you want). 

You need to be an FQY starter pack edition holder first.

FQY Music

P.S. Be sure to send us your photos of you and your family getting the funk out with #funkquest


Q. Do I get access right away?

A. Yes - the instant your payment is cleared.

Q. Do we need super fast internet or fibre?

A. No - FunkQuest is not reliant on a large amount of bandwidth. Your web connection should be stable though...

Q. How do we play against friends and family?

A. You can easily play against friends and family ANYWHERE using screen sharing apps like zoom, skype, messenger, discord or microsoft teams.

Q. How do we access FQY?

A. Access is via managed members area. Login anywhere you can get a web connection. A phone, tablet, smart TV, even a traditional PC will run it. Remember - It is not about the technology, it is about the CONVERSATION.  We recommend a PC or laptop for family play.

Q. Are there any detailed instructions?

A. Yes, your welcome email will contain everything you need to know, plus a few hints and tips to get the most FUNK out.