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Nichole Carlson
Nicole Carlson

Nichole Carlson - Flip (or flick) the switch.

One of the benefits of having the same questions on the show is that *sometimes* I can get away with very little research.

I mean I have talked to other show hosts who insist on reading books written by potential guests. I rarely bother with anything as deep as that.

With Nichole, I knew that I could wing it. This is in no way disrespectful. I just somehow figured that Nichole would be professional enough to make it an easy show to do.

My reward was to prove a Funky Thinkers truism. 

That just by talking in a relaxed manner, I was able to uncover Nichole's strapline - with no prompting or teasing. Just by talking.

And so I challenge you - to listen to this (or any) episode with an open mind. 

Maybe - just maybe - you will get an idea, a suggestion, a thought or something useful.

This is because when we speak or listen in a relaxed manner, we often suspend our believe systems, prejudice, whatever you want to call it. 

Have a listen.

Oh and then contact Nichole via http://www.nicholecarlson.com

nichole carlson

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