Everet De Morier

This was a first for - a guest with a wikipedia page.

As Everett De Morier was watching his boys grow into men, he asked himself a series of questions.

How had he done as a father?

Could his sons change a flat tyre (or tire) on a car? 

Could they cook a meal? Light a fire?

Interesting - self reflective - questions to ask as your kids get older.

We talked about the state of publishing - which is interesting given the Everett reckons the minimum number of words for a "book" is now around 2600 (On Amazon kindle).

If you are interested in Fatherhood and the role of Dads in the world, you should also listen to Elliot Katz.

You can contact Everett via Everett De Morier.com

​You can chose from four Everett De Morier books below

Thirty three cecils
The invention of everything
The first year of fatherhood
The first year of marriage

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