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​Funky Thinkers has featured a lady who has been to Antarctica on holiday (vacation), a gang sex assault victim and a guy who lost 200 lbs (that’s 14 stone, 74kg) and his wife lost 100 by IGNORING what the diet and weight loss INDUSTRY was telling him. A University professor who walked out and turned into stand up comedian. A blind blogger, a fertility coach. a hypnotist and a yoga teacher targeting truck drivers....

​The list goes on

This isn't the standard sales pitch dressed up as a "conversation."

The whole premise is that people don't listen or watch things to be "sold" to - quite often they listen to them to kill time or break up the monotony. On the train, waiting for the kids at swimming practice, stuck in traffic. Whatever.

Somebody sent me an email recently to say that the show had made sat around in hospital waiting rooms with an elderly relative a bit more tolerable. Made me fill up a bit...

A previous guest said that he gave his kids the notes he made in preparation and said "Put that in the cupboard - for my funeral. That's my eulogy right there."

Another said that he spent the whole night after recording the show - laid awake in bed - staring at the ceiling - contemplating his life...

Even myself - when I asked the BLIND guy had he ever SEEN the TV show BLIND date...

Powerful and humbling stuff...

Just by randomly chatting with guests, we (or the show) has have come up with book titles, business ideas, domain names that are free. You name it.

Everyone gets the same slightly oddball questions which are designed to show WHO YOU ARE (which is generally interesting) rather than WHAT YOU KNOW (which is generally dull).

​Get instant access to 124 powerful FUNKY conversations.

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