Diana Bianchi - Facebook is for bored people...

Diana Bianchi
Diani Bianchi

Diana Bianchi

Do me a favour - head to Facebook. Scroll around for a few minutes (take your time...) and then come back and send me a tweet @jonsenior1 if you find ANYTHING interesting or useful. ANYTHING AT ALL.

Which just goes to prove Diana Bianchi's theory that FACEBOOK is for BORED PEOPLE.

We talk about Thor's hammer, The middle of the Kai river, Bangalore, Silicone Valley in India and more.

Arbitrary pleasant events crop up also.

These are those micro-dopamine hits when we see or hear something random or unexpected that, in the bigger picture of our life, is pretty meaningless. It just gives short, temporary release from the monotony.

Listen to the show - or if you are pushed for time - watch the video below.

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Diana Bianchi

If you are PUSHED FOR TIME >>> Just watch this...

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