Dan LeFave
Dan LeFave

Dan LeFave - Toronto

After surviving a fatal car accident when Dan was young, he received "a warning shot," life’s Second Chance.

Inspired by his near-death accident, Dan began to see the world differently and understand people at a deeper level recognizing that at the end of each day we must ask ourselves "Did I love, Did I laugh, Did I learn, Did I serve?"

Since then, Dan plotted a path for a life full of risk-taking, facing adversities head-on and stepping into uncertainty with confidence, dedicated to helping others do the same.

From reading the 10 scrolls of Og Mandino 3 times a day each for 30 days, to experimenting with posting positive messages on water tanks, Dan truly lives his passion for learning and understanding both the mind and its impact on the world around him.

Because Dan understands deeply and differently, he is able to quickly pinpoint where others aren’t thinking accurately and shift their thought patterns to help them achieve their goals and desires faster.

As a self-determined and hard-working business owner, Dan has a built-in desire to improve himself and move forward in life.

Because Dan has a unique ability to always see several steps ahead, Dan can often see in others what they can’t see in themselves.

Dan believes that success is foreseeable with the right mindset and mental alignment, and is determined to helping people uncover the hidden cost of thought patterns that just don’t work.

Inspired by these successes, Dan can see that the pattern underlying the success of entrepreneurs stems from their mindset and the unseen systems of thinking running in the background.

Dan is an inspirational author and has been profiled on radio shows, in magazines, articles, and podcasts, from Manhattan to Vancouver.

Entrepreneurs all over the world seek me out for his unique perspective on what it takes to take control of their mindset and create a happy and successful lifestyle.

Dan co-authored Stepping Stones to Success with gurus Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley, which is now circling the globe and making a dramatic impact on the mindset of entrepreneurs in multiple industries.

His first venture into entrepreneurship was a painting business called Student Works Painting. In 1996, Dan picked up a copy of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and it’s been an inspiration to me ever since.

His first ‘mindset’ book was Wayne Dyer’s "Manifest your Destiny" which inspired several meetings with Wayne. 

​Get Dan LeFave's book below

​Live the Life of Your Dreams is your self-help guide for a second chance at living the lifestyle you imagined before you started working.

As a youngster, you had a dream to be somebody and to have the freedom to do what you love. Something you experienced in your life caused you to forget about your dreams and focus on finding a way to make a living. You started your life by being open-minded and carefree - dreaming of what you want in life. 

​But you got caught up with what others wanted for your life and forgot to find a way to Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Dan LeFave - Living the life of your dreams

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