Were our parents worried about Instagram?

Damien DeHart
Damien DeHart

Damien Dehart

Damien DeHart is unusual in that he has actually met another funky thinker in the flesh - whereas I haven't.

We talked about his LinkedIn local - where all the money raised went to charities working with (or should I say against) sex trafficking.

We talked about fears for our children growing up. Some of which could be mislaid.

(Were any other parents laid awake worried about the risks of instagram say 20 years ago?)

Damien would go back to ancient Egypt or the Roman empire. Although we decided this would be a bit tricky, presumably they didn't have things like dentists and opticians. If you had toothache, well tough.

Russel Crowe would play Damien in a film - largely because of his performance in gladiator.

Damien is one of those annoying people on online games that look like they have been playing it for 20 years, largely because HE HAS.

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