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Craig Burgess
Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess - Barnsley, England

I’m Craig Burgess. I’m creative director at Genius Division during the day, and I do lots of other stuff during the night.

I get asked more than anything else: "how do you fit it all in?". I created GET DOING THINGS to tell people how I do it.

I got my first job as a professional designer after only 6 months training. At 22, I designed a poster a day for 365 days. At only 23, I started my own design agency (with a couple of other brilliant directors). At 24, I took a photo a day for 365 days. At 25, I designed a record sleeve a day for 365 days. I'm obsessed with the power of daily personal challenges to improve yourself.

Since then I’ve designed a logo a day for 100 days, written every day for 100 days, and now I create a podcast a day, write an email every day, and I’m currently writing a book. In between all that I still run Genius Division 8 hours a day, read a lot of books, see friends, lift weights 4 times a week and other stuff I’ve probably forgotten.

I do all this stuff and much more every day of every week and I’ve done it for over a decade. That’s what I call Extreme Production.

Extreme Production is my method for getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible and producing at a high level every day of my life. I’m literally writing the book on it right now.

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