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No newspaper handy?

Some things never age.

Swatting a fly with a newspaper or magazine is something that, currently, apps and technology has been unable to replace.

Just make sure you have the ipad owners permission before you swat that fly,,,


Smoke signals at Kiveton Park

What is that strange metal thing at the top of Red Hill in Kiveton Park? And what has it got to do with computers and phones?

Why were Kiveton Park dwellers of old (probably) smarter than we are?

FQY kids edition

How did Joseph Littlewood Senior talk to his family?

Tucked away in a corner of  St Mary's - Handsworth churchyard, Sheffield, North of England - I ask - "How did Joseph Littlewood Senior talk to his family".

What did they talk about? What did they eat? What were their hopes and fears and dreams?

What have you got near you like St Mary's Handsworth church that you can learn from?


Serve yourself screens at McDonalds…

​Next time you are in #mcdonalds - Think about which is better. Catching some form of disease that a previous user of a self service screen may have left on it. Or talking to an actual human. ?

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Self evaluation in a single thought…

A whole normalite industry has sprung up around self evaluation and self analysis. When really there is only ONE question you need to answer (or ask yourself).

Would you follow all the rules?

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How FUNKY was the Chesterfield canal?

You don't have to go very far these days to read about controversies surrounding self driving cars these days.

(We have had self driving planes for years - and curiously no one gets worked up about that).

But back in the 1700's - James Brindley & John Varley - went to parliament - got the money and started building.

They built a structure that required a completely new style of boat to run on it.

So what can we learn from the Chesterfield canal?

The Chesterfield Canal isn't some kind of ancient relic though. It is popular today with walkers, cyclists, nature enthusiasts, as well as boaters and people who actually live on the canal. See this outside broadcast.

The Chesterfield canal trust have a full program of events including restoration of the waterway.