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Selling in the supermarket. Would you compromise your principles?

Carrie Brummer

​Carrie Brummer - Funky Thinker no 131

Funky Thinkers

​Carrie is behind there somewhere - Honest...

​Question: If you are a creative person, would you compromise your principles to make your product more mass market - IF it meant you could sell it in the supermarket to the masses?

It's an interesting question - one I discuss with Funky Thinker number 131, Carrie Brummer.

Plus - is the whole idea of the starving artist Fake news. How do we know that famous artists throughout history were poor.?

​Listen or watch below - Your choice. Have fun.

​You can contact Carrie via Carrie Brummer.com or Artist Strong.

​Oh and almost forgot - Carrie is now in third place in the updated FUNKQUEST leaderboard - which is below - with 270 1/2 points.

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