Business networking on Amazon.

I could be really cruel and say that if you need a book to tell you how to shake hands and what to say, then you really shouldn't be in .

But if you are new or young or introvert or whatever, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

But how many of these authors practice what they preach?

Do a search yourself and tell me where the first face of someone you feel you could pick up the phone to appears in the results.

​I shook my head when I typed in "Business " into .

But first a question - "When was the last time you bought something from a logo?" Or a stock photo ? Or a piece of clip art?

Probably never...

But that's what networking gurus are asking you to do.

When I looked most of the top sellers on Amazon - some written by influential (self appointed) experts - did not feature a smily friendly face that you feel you could talk to.

Try it at home - type "" into Amazon (or any online book store for that matter) and see what you get?

Why do people think that swirly graphics cut it?

Hello --- It's not 2010 anymore. We aren't impressed by that. This is the age of face to face communication.

​2nd point - I can't 100% guarantee - but I am pretty sure that most of this content will be pretty low level.

But - to BE mass appeal, the content needs to be generic. Stand like this at a networking event. Pour coffee like this.

If you need someone to tell you how to shake hands and conduct yourself in public in a correct manner, you shouldn't really be in business.

It is the goal of most local circuit gurus to get a best selling book on Amazon.

But none of them have stopped to ask themselves "Why?"

Standard titles - sing along at home if you want "Networking tips, tricks, shortcuts, hacks"

We do people think that there is some knowledge that "they" know that "we" don't ?

And that if only we knew that hack or tip or trick, our ticket to the in crowd would be in the post.


​In one request FUNKQUEST episode, we featured a US based divorce lawyer. She said that he standard fee for cases is $500 per hour.

Per book sold on Amazon, she makes about $1.50.

Which would you concentrate on?


PS If you are interested in networking, you should know what a local circuit guru is. Once you do know, you will be able to spot one a mile off at your local events. Here is a link to that episode.

PPS How many books do you need to read (or write) that say "Don't be an idiot?" Here is a link to that episode.

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