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Broadcasting unplugged - How funky...

Divya Parekh
divya parekh

Divya Parekh 

In this episode with Divya Parekh, we discuss where we come from, who we are and silence.

Silence as in the absence of noise (which is what I referred to) and the self talk to which we all succumb (to which Divya referred).

We talked about broadcasting "unplugged" and how her audience raved at it.

Gossip on TV made an appearance (comes under the heading of noise - right?) as well as the freedom of  association - as in who we hang around with.

I also mentioned a BBC program from a few years ago where James May did a series on man on the moon and space and all that.

I have locked but I can't find the end of the series (On YouTube) which features the homecoming parade of the moon landing astronauts.

He closes by saying that the Apollo astronauts saw the earth for what it was - a speck of dust left over from the big bang. There is a link to  a BBC playlist at the end of the post. If you are interested in this stuff - have a poke around. If you find the last episode - let me know. 

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James May looks a bit scary - but this series is a great watch - it puts the world into perspective.

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