Brad Wilson – Poker coach writes romance book (also obese fish…)

Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson is a poker player, poker coach and wrote a book about romance. (Which I give him a bit of a hard time on).

We talk about obese fish - fed heavily with no natural predictors. 

The underground lake is Craighead caverns by the way.

We talk about people wanting something so much and when they finally get it - they don't appreciate the value of it.

Plus Brad did something really funky - he asked for clarification of the question. (The magic wand question specifically).

Where most people would rather just fill the space with something probably less than 100% relevant - Brad stopped and paused before we went on.

Plus a biopic based on Brad's life would be so boring. He said it...

Brad Wilson
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  • Brad Wilson says:

    Jonathan … thanks so much for having me man, I loved the conversation.

    The Yosemite vacation was pretty amazing and we covered the over! I ended up hiking every single day and 30+ miles in a week … so not too shabby.

    If anybody out there wants to connect with me, you can catch me on mentallyinvincible.com.

    Hope everyone enjoys the episode!

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