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Bought painting stuff? And found you are pretty bad? Same here...

Kenny Weiss
funky thinkers

Kenny Weiss - Phoenix Arizona

I was a little caught out when Kenny started talking about cycles.

I am used to talking about physical cycles, he was referring to emotional cycles.

By using his four step human personality cycle

Trauma, Fear, Shame and Denial - Kenny can predict, by looking at something, a newspaper article, a TV interview or a blog post. (Maybe even - blush - by listening to a podcast). that by the language people use - where they are on this cycle.

Kenny's central theory is that emotional intelligence is not taught at schools and given that we have all these tools to represent, and misrepresent our words, that is a problem.

In his time machine, Kenny would go to the NEXT CENTURY to see how all this stuff turns out.

Gary Busey or George Cloony would play Kenny in a film.

Interestingly, Kenny has got into painting as a relaxation, although, he admits, he isn't very good at it...


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