Bored of BREXIT? Apparently MP’s are too… - Funky Thinkers

Bored of BREXIT? Apparently MP’s are too…

​​Politics i​s now a sports event on the TV news channels.

​Trade agreements and sovreignty have replaced the sweeper system versus the flat back four as the discussion of choice for pundits.

And it's a BAD LOOK for elected members of parliament - to be fiddling on phones and generally not paying attention.


ALL the research says that multi tasking is a myth. It is impossible.​ Texting while driving gets you a fine and points on your licence. Texting while deciding the future of our country seems OK though.

​What are the dangers of texting while driving?

​Apart from the fact that it is likely to impair your concentration, there is an important side effect that very few people realise.

Funky Thinkers know that the most effective form of communication is face to face.

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The person receiving your text or Facebook status update doesn't know you are driving. So the scope for miscommunication is massive. When even the word "Thanks" can be misconstrued online, the chances of mistyping (because you are multitasking) are massive.

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