​The Barrister's chamber in Retford has 50,000 books and counting.
What does 50,000 books look like?
They go from floor to ceiling in several good sized rooms and 3 floors of an old building opposite St Swithun's church in East Retford, Nottinghamshire.
Why do people read books and go to old and second hand book stores?
Because you can instantly find someone interested in the same thing and have something in common.
Forget dating apps - If you are interested in a genre of book, chances are someone else local to you is as well.
​You can even forget Amazon - head down to your local book shop. Barrister's book chambers in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

​It is hard to explain what it looks like (and smells like) inside. Each level (of the old building) is floor to ceiling with books.  Some images are below. 

barristers book chamber

​Just inside the main door

barristers book chamber

​Stay a while and talk with friends

barristers book chamber

Take an easy seat...​

​It is always hard to convey any kind of "experience" in a humble photograph. The best way to experience something - like a cavern of second hand books - is to to there yourself. In person

Here is the link. Barristers book chamber.

barristers book chamber

Refreshing take on health and saftey - Take responsibility for yourself...

barristers book chamber

​Because this is why...​

​More FUNKY stuff...

​In the broadcast, I talk about the old book video. The link to that is below.

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