Angelos Karageorgos
Angelos Karageorgos

It's hard to get over the impact of conducting over 80 interviews and why you should specifically listen to ONE.

The truth is that the sum of the total is greater than the constituent parts.

Plus I know you don't have time always to listen to 20 or 30 minutes several times a week.

This is why I post snippets on the Funky Thinkers YouTube channel.

BUT having said all that - several recurring topics crop up. OFTEN.

Call it what you like.




I am too simple for that - I just call it being nice to people, saying please and thank you. All that fun stuff that is really boring and maybe doesn't sell advertising, generate clicks or ad revenue.

Angelos Karageorgos is a writer, blogger and podcast host. He charts his travels round the world and posts the photographs on his blog.

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Angelos Karageorgos

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