How was funky thinkers born?

It turns out on naivete.
I thought if I got into the Guinness World Book of Records with something new and unique in the world of the internet and social media I would be world renowned and with very little effort become a millionaire. Boy was I wrong!

First, if you want a record, you need a Guinness representative to be present. And if you think that is FREE, you have another think coming! The whole Guinness thing is a cash cow. You have to pay - or jump through numerous hoops to be in their club.

In my effort to get there, I learned in a few hours of searching for participants in my venture how to instantly spot the vast unwashed masses - spending their lives on netflix - versus people who could see the value in looking beyond the TV.

Those who would help me make the world's longest webinar had to be people with my vision, ones who love to play the game and accept that the results will come (by focusing on other people rather than themselves).

I called these the Funky Thinkers.

Independent business owners with a vision and an energy of positivity. They think about the world differently and it is why they are successful (maybe not beyond their wildest dreams, although when they get up in the morning they have energy and are ready to go with joy and a smile!)

So, after I completed this project I knew others out there would gain from my Funky Thinkers. Upon giving them this name I wanted to showcase them for others to get what I got.

woman shouting

To many people - THIS is marketing on the internet...

Why? Because they understand that an effective interview rather than shilling and huckstering, is about content, delivering value to the audience. They leave the shouting loudest contest to other people.

Funky Thinkers understand that telling is lecturing (like the kids coach bellowing to their charges that they have to go out and win) and totally uninteresting. They know how to show you who they are - why they are different and what happened to get them there. How they enjoy the journey and how you might too.

They know that motivational posters, sayings and slogans work great... At least they do for the guy selling them.

loren weisman

I challenge you...

Each Funky Thinkers Duologue will challenge you to get up and go with a unique or FUNKY insight. 

If you get ONE idea that no one else has - how much is that worth? Plus it's probably more fun that searching through 17,000,842 Youtube videos

Funky Thinkers understand that they must go into the interviews well prepped for the questions. I had one guest tell me he called himself out during his first draft and in the end felt that the pages of prep left him with his eulogy!

"Just print this off - put it the cupboard and have it ready for my funeral" he told his kids.

funky thinkers

My background allows me to strip away the BS. I used to be a management consultant in local authorities. I have done everything from recruitment & selection to systems implementation to workflow design and process re-engineering.

Is Funky Thinkers for you?

Honestly, I don't know. I don't know you, your aspirations, skill level, view of the world.

I do though, understand people, so have created a series of the slightly oddball (Funky) questions designed to give you the listener value added after donating 30 minutes of your time to listen to someone who is truly unique. I invite you to get started by scrolling back to the top of this page and picking a random duologue episode.