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What the heck IS a FUNKY THINKER?

jon senior funky thinkers

​Jonathan Senior -

Head Funkster

​Question: Do you remember any of the following?

  • ​Having FACE to FACE contact with others.
  • Talking together at meal times.
  • Seeing your children outside their bedrooms - and knowing their friends...and maybe even their friends parents.
  • Being able to count on your true friends.
  • Accept technology (IT) without IT ruling you.
  • Having a discussion with someone and accepting differences.
  • Doing activities that didn't involve (primarily) a tablet or a screen.

Funky Thinkers are REAL people​. Not airbrushed celebrities and ​celebrity wannabes.

​There is no secret magic pill to take. ​Funky Thinkers are just down to earth ​people, who share with others the ideas of respect, timekeeping, positive discipline.

We remember an age when you got a new ball or a bat, instead of looking on Instagram to see what ​the "in" crowd or some celebrity said about it, you went to your buddies house to see if they wanted a game. If they weren't in - you knocked on the next door.

The mentality of meeting up to arrange to meet up is LOST. BUT thankfully - we have great new tools like the internet. We can meet face to face with ANYWHERE in the world.

Mental health, boredom, procrastination, self confidence, self worth etc etc etc


Mobile phones, tablets, wifi, social media. 


​Why will this help you in your business and your life?

​The world is in the grip of crushing negativity and sameness. Don't believe me? Turn on the TV (any channel will do).

Hanging round with the same people as you always have, will, as the cliche goes, get you what you ​always got. Funky Thinkers gets you different ideas - different perspectives

To many people - THIS is marketing on the internet...

​Funky Thinkers want to show you not just tell you.- why they are different and what happened to get them to where they are today. They enjoy the journey!  Seeing the destination as a satisfying byproduct.

As the Head Stakeholder of Funky Thinkers, my experience allows me to strip away the fakers from the funksters.  Having done everything from recruitment & selection to systems implementation, workflow design and process re-engineering, best summed up as a troubleshooter.  

Enjoy the one on one, long-form Duologues or snack on our Funky 10'​s, 20's, 30's........etc

​The Rants and Right Angles​ series is created to be entertaining, insightful or interesting for you the Funky Public to have fun with... Have a look below...

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