Doing the opposite of the weight loss "industry" and getting results... How funky...

Aarn Farmer
Aarn Farmer

Aarn Farmer

 Before                                After

Aarn is funky thinking personified.

He was overweight, (dangerously) unhealthy and very unhappy.

He looked at what the diet, health, wellness INDUSTRY was providing him.

Books, DVD's training courses, bootcamps, gym memberships which do what?

Make money FOR THEM...

Aarn did the exact opposite of what "conventional" wisdom, the gurus and the rest of the world told him, AND GOT RESULTS.

Being a funky thinker - who knew...

To give you the detail - he lost 200lbs (that's 14 stone/90kg) and his wife lost 100lbs.

He had no idea what supertram was - why would he ? Picture below...

His time is spent playing clash of clans - I have no clue what that is but it sounds addictive.

Like several other funky thinkers before him, Aarn would like to go back to the crucifixtion to see what actually happened...And who was right and who was wrong...

If you are new to weight loss and struggling with the whole mainstream diet thing, Aarn recommended a few books which are below.


The South Yorkshire super tram is pictured above. Ideal for listening to audio books and playing clash of clans on...

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Aarn recommended a few books which are below.

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