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Business networking on Amazon

​I could be really cruel and say that if you need a book to tell you how to shake hands and what to say, then you really shouldn't be in business.

But if you are new or young or introvert or whatever, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

But how many of these authors practice what they preach?

​Do a search yourself and tell me where the first face of someone you feel you could pick up the phone to appears in the results.

Free thinking is not FUNKY THINKING

​What does being a free thinker mean?

​Here is the thing - Free thinking is not Funky thinking

People want to be on Funky Thinkers - when they have little idea what it is.

Yoga sandals, cycling shorts and a backpack does not a FUNKY THINKER make.

It just means you are following someone else's tribe - donning their uniform and ideas.

There is no magical mystical secret