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What is it like living on a canal boat all year round?

angie baldwin

​Captain of all she surveys and Funky Thinker #127 - Angie Baldwin

​If you ever wondered what is is REALLY like to live on a canal boat all year round - now is your chance to get your questions answered.

​What is the pace of life like?

What does it mean to really check out?

Do people who live on boats have the internet?

Where is the most dangerous place on a canal?

Is the Chesterfield canal tidal ? and where does the water flow? What happens if you drop a pebble into the water?

What is meant by a shallow draft?

​How do locks work on a canal?

What happens if a canal boat breaks down?

What got ruined after it became popular?

All this and more with Funky Thinker #127 Angie Baldwin. (pictured)

living on a canal boat

​What is it like living on a canal boat like this one?  All year round?

​If you missed this earlier episode - now is your chance to catch up.

Bored by BREXIT? Apparently MP’s are too…

​One of the most significant events in the history of the United Kingdom is being played out on the news channels as a sports event.

Trade agreements and sovreignty have replaced the sweeper system versus the flat back four as the discussion of choice for pundits.

And it's a BAD LOOK for elected members of parliament - to be fiddling on phones and generally not paying attention.

Paying money to go to an event and watching it on your phone is nuts…

​Why do people spend time, effort and money going to an event and then spend all the performance fiddling with a phone?

​Arms in the air irritate everyone around them.

Whatever you record will be poor quality and you can only ever experience an event once.

How FUNKY was the Chesterfield canal?

You don't have to go very far these days to read about controversies surrounding self driving cars these days.

(We have had self driving planes for years - and curiously no one gets - or has ever - got worked up about that).

But back in the 1700's - James Brindley & John Varley - went to parliament - got the money and started building.

Started building a structure that required a completely new style of boat to run on it.

So what can we learn from the Chesterfield canal?

What does scarper mean?

​When recording episodes of FUNKY THINKERS - I speak to people from all round the world.

English IS a common language - BUT there are some words that don't cross the pond all that well.

Scarper - sounds like scamper - same meaning.

What do you think?

What does scarper mean?

Do you know?

How to be a great Podcast guest.

​Before we start recording Funky Thinkers episodes, I always ask people what they want to get out of the finished product.

Most people say that they want to sell more books or they have a webinar coming up or a bootcamp that they would like bums on seats for.

Do YOU listen to the adverts between TV shows?

Oh my goodness - these guys have got a new type of shampoo out. I need to drop everything to go and get it...

But here is the insight: You probably know already that listening to ONE show religiously - every episode isn't going to give you the moon on a stick in your choice of colour.

​The best insights and ideas come from random unstructured conversations.

​So here are two tips for how to be a great podcast guest.

Fancy an injection into both eyes?

​Most people have a dislike of injections. With good reason. Having a stranger inject something into your body is unpleasant.

So why do it with your smart phone or tablet for hours each day - let other people infect your body with what THEY want to talk about?

What real life problem do you make go away?

​If you go to a social network like LinkedIn or any business oriented FaceBook group, there will be dozens of people talking about their product, service or treatment. 

Unfortunately, this will be of no interest to anyone but themselves (and maybe their mum & dad) because it doesn't solve a problem or make some pain go away.

Why do people make hashtag videos?

​The hashtag videos are something that pop up from time to time. Question is - who decided what the hashtag should be and why are you taking part?